5 Tips to Turn Criticism Into Inspiration

critic-to-inspirationRenée’s Business Building Tip of the Week

1. People are paying attention, and that’s a good thing.
If someone has taken the time to criticize you, it means they are paying attention to what you are doing. They shared their commentary because you and your work mattered to them in some small or significant way. If you were not doing anything important, nobody would care to criticize you.

2. Recognize that the criticism may be an act of love. 
When someone cares about you, they will try to protect you. What you may view as an attack may actually be their attempt to look out for your best interest. Entrepreneurship is risky, so your friends, family, and even acquaintances, former co-workers, or strangers may think that their comment will keep you safe and free from pain. Be encouraged by their concern, but let it go, and keep moving forward.

3. Understand that the criticism may be an act of pain. 
Your success will bring out insecurity in others. When someone suffers from low self-esteem or past failures, they may view you as a threat. Hurt people may project their insecurities onto you by saying hurtful or destructive things in an attempt to tear you down. Remember that this has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their pain. Try to feel empathy for that person, and consider their comments as proof that you are doing the right things.

4. Realize that most criticism is, at least in part, based on some truth.
Don’t immediately dismiss all criticism as an attack on you. Step back and view yourself and the situation as objectively as possible. Could you have done something differently? Can you say to yourself, “Hmm… she has a point”? What part are you willing to own? Look for the truth behind the criticism to see if you might want to consider making some changes going forward.

5. Avoid taking criticism personally.
Just because someone is criticizing your work or your business doesn’t mean the criticism has anything to do with you personally. Learn to separate yourself from the THING being criticized. While criticism may appear negative or feel like an attack, critical comments always give you an opportunity to reflect, improve, and fortify your confidence.

Don’t let criticism stop you in your tracks on your way to UNSTOPPABLE success. And never take it too personally. Always handle criticism objectively.

Now it’s your turn: share your best method for dealing with criticism. What has worked for you, and what have you learned?

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